The inspiration for restaurant Floreyn was born - how could it be any other way - during a conversation between a number of chefs in the kitchen. “Where can we really eat good Dutch food?”, they kept asking themselves. They never came up with a good answer.

One of those chefs was Jasper Holthuis, the owner of restaurant Floreyn. He decided that, with 20 years of experience as a chef, he was the right person to make this idea a reality. Currently, he spends most of his time front of house at the restaurant and is Cyril Martineau the head chef of the kitchen.

Fine dining

At restaurant Floreyn, you will find the answer to Jasper's question and enjoy a complete fine dining experience, the Dutch way. After all, Dutch cuisine is not merely stamppot, herring and pea soup. The Dutch soil and seasons offer plenty of options and flavours. Our chefs cook with daily fresh regional and seasonal products from Dutch soil and sea. Ingredients such as meat and fish come from the Netherlands and all cheeses and most wines are also of Dutch origin. All this is supplemented with flavors that the Netherlands has encountered in the rest of the world in its rich history. With this we serve a complete Dutch wine pairing and we have more than 30 Dutch wines on the menu. There is also a wide choice of wines from the traditional countries.


You will not only find the inspiration from the Netherlands in our dishes, Dutch influence is also clear from the modern interior. With us, you dine at 1.40 metres under the Amsterdam Ordnance Datum (NAP) and if you look up, you will be treated to a truly unique view of the Netherlands. You can enjoy our surprising and sometimes experimental dishes in a casual setting.

At restaurant Floreyn we are committed to giving you a fantastic afternoon or evening. Our passionate team is the same day to day, so we can give you the best possible service. With Dutch pride, we hope to welcome you to our restaurant.